Our Services

Trusted and respected legal professionals and advisors

Intellectual Property, copyright and contracts, and Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property (ICIP) specialists

We help to identify, use and manage intellectual property, including the respectful use of ICIP.

Cultural Heritage & Native title specialists

Our success rate is credited to Parallax Legal’s collaborative approach to identifying community led solutions that deliver shared outcomes. We call it ‘nation building’.

Book in your free initial 30 min session:

General and Cultural Governance training, compliance and implementation

Our advice strengthens capacity and enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations to develop their own culturally appropriate mechanisms to manage their rights, interests and priorities.

Engagement and Protocols

Our experience and knowledge provides you with specialist advice on meaningful engagement and protocols to guide respectful collaboration.

Dispute resolution & mediation

To reach your ideal outcome, we will surround you with the right support team of experts and steer the process. This includes managing a range of stakeholders and barriers; spoken and unspoken.

We are Flexible

We can meet face-to-face or online, where appropriate.
Law reform and reviews

Occasionally, different areas of the law are subject to review, inquiry or scrutiny from policy and law makers. As specialists in our respective fields, we take an active approach, and work with you to advocate for reform.

Education, workshops, public speaking

We share information that has been shared with us to help clients grow and encourage them to see the problem from a different perspective.